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   9.00am – ITT Showcase: ECHOSOUNDER

Echosounder scans the underlying depths of turbulent waters that we find ourselves in today.

Through a series of dialogues, soundscapes and video, the work paints a multifaceted picture of place, identity and peoples resillience in a context of challenging times. The focus of this works social lens aims to make peoples voices audible, and to encourage reflection, conversation and learning around the signposts and insights they reveal about peoples sense of place.

These conversations reveal a spirit of resillience through the transformative power of narrative. Home, community, landscape, the names of places and faces, the place of the mind and of memory.


Eugene Boyle has produced large scale public space installations and collaborative design works in Ireland, Portugal and Norway.

His interpretative work draws strongly on place making and the carrying capacity of environment, exploring ideas for adaptation at different scales and contexts. An architect by training, his creative approach fuses art, design and craft influences.

Eugene founded Woodcollective in 2008 which has facilitated a forum for inspiration and invention, exploring the form based attributes of wood through social engagement and spaces.

Exhibitions include: Bergen International Wood Festival, Festival Internacional de Jardins Portugal, Bloom Festival, Electric Picnic Arts and Music Festival, Eco Build, Design Week and Innovation Dublin. │


Photo Credit: Ciara O’Donnell Photography. Video Credit: Video concept adapted for this exhibition by Eugene Boyle in collaboration with Tadhg Hayes Video Production.