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The Welfare of Tomás Ó Hallissy – Dé Sathairn 2ú Nollaig Ionad an Bhlascoid Mhóir, Dún Chaoin


The Welfare of Tomas Ó Hallissy is filmed in and around the Kerry village of Dún Chaoin and directly integrates newly scripted material shot with actors with footage from The Village which was also set in Dún Chaoin.

This new film is set against a fictional visit by two American anthropologists to Dún Chaoin, mirroring the premise of Hockings and McCarty’s 1968 documentary. Campbell’s original ma-terial also echoes key scenes from the documentary that captured the day to day routine of the village; the creamery, turf cutting, rabbit hunting and gatherings in the local pub.